Atout Cœur's History

In 1990 the Club was established at Aline Cronier's instigation with Jean Morville acting as Chair and Georges De Bosscher's help. It was located in Figanières until it moved to Callas.  During that period the Club met once a week with a maximum of 5 tables.


In 1994, having become popular, the Club moved to Draguignan cutting down on commute time. The new venue was entirely renovated by Club volunteers.


In 1998, steared by Claudia Prégnon, the Club moved to a larger venue to attract more players. This is how the Club came to be located at 47 rue Antoine Lombard in Draguignan.


In 2000 the Club officially took the name "Atout Cœur" (Atout = Trump/Cœur= Heart) and was registered with the Préfecture under the auspices of the French law 'Association 1901' (nonprofit organization NPO).


The Club membership went  up to a 120 since 1990 and meets 4 times a week.


Past/Present Presidents

1990-1998          Jean Morville (founding member)

1998-2015          Claudia Prégnon 

2015- 2017         Marie-Jeanne Vanel

2017-                   Claudia Prégnon

Founding members

Aline Cronier; Suzanne & Georges De Bosscher, Françoise & Maurince Hugonnier; Jeannine & Jean Morville; Yolande Pierson